At SVR Academy, we are a family of learners....
Let the Music Speak !!!!!
All the world's a stage, lets Dance.....
All the arts we practice are apprenticeship.....
At SVR Academy, We are family of learners..
All the world's a stage, let's Dance.....
All the art we practice are apprenticeship....
Let the Music Speak !!!!
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Western Dance | Kuchipudi

Fine Art

Drawing | Painting | Clay Modelling


Yoga | Zumba | Martial Arts


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Spoken English | Chess | Soft Skills
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About us
Learning with Love and Laughter
SVR Academy stands tall in the glorifying sophistication of its success till the stint of this time. Named after its founder, the center initiated its journey by starting to offer tuition in the subjects of Mathematics and Science. Eventually, they introduced the non-academic subjects as well. The latter comprise of Fine arts, Fitness, Dance and Music.
While the students of earlier times mostly depended on their academic scores to choose their subject for Honors, the children today mainly focus on the area of passion and genuine interest for their choice of subject.
Years of Experience

Think Different, that is one thing that SVR Academy urges in and to far extent succeed in teaching to its students which invariably helps to achieve what you need.


I thank SVR Academy faculties for putting in all the efforts to groom us and make us professionals. It was a wonderful experience at SVR Academy.


I am thankful to SVR academy for providing a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them.


SVR Academy gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learn a number of things. I have received a great support from faculties.


SVR Academy is a place of learning, fun, culture, lore, literature and many such life preaching activities. Studying at the SVR Academy brought an added value to my life.

The academy aims to provide the children with an One-stop destination with an exposure to many subjects. The academy intends to break the idea of one subject being of more importance than another. While a student gets equal exposure to academic and non-academic subjects, his or her mind develops a natural attraction towards a particular subject or two. That’s how he or she scans over a number of visited fields to meet his or her arena of passion and fondness. The SVR Academy exposes students to a galore of subjects for causing them a genuine choice of subject (one or more) for their lifetime. Therein lies the fulfillment of the mission of this Educational academy.
The academy also provides an advantage to the students in as much the latter-lot do not have to travel to various places for pursuing tuition in different subjects. Also, the academy provides a scope to balance between academic and non-academic subjects.
The academy acts a huge umbrella under which a student can avail tuition for as many subjects as they need or want. An exposure to both academic and non-academic subjects allows the minds to bend and twist and hence get set into the process of intelligent making of minds.
Our Mission
The mission of the SVR Academy is to provide young minds state-of-art coaching to help them with personality development and identify their skills through proper training by expert faculties.
Our Vision
The academy believes that it has a noble mission to work on in considering that it focuses in developing the personality by identifying the pitch of one’s passion. The vision of the academy is to spread this process of learning and personality development to the farthest distance possible from it’s current center. Hence, SVR Academy aspires to grow all across the city and eventually the country with an aim to spread a novel approach towards learning and personality development.